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Siegfried Sassoon

October 2010

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washu_bellana in afoxhuntingman

Hello everyone :D Just thought i'd introduce myself and declare with much enthusiasm how brilliant this community is. I am a history graduate who has loved the war poets most passionately since studying them at length for A Level. Owen is my all time favourite, closely followed by Sassoon, Charles Sorley and Isaac Rosenberg. I thought I'd share with you a little joy that occurred two weeks ago-I came across not only 'memoirs of a fox-hunting man'  but also 'memoirs of an infantry officer' at a local second hand book store. I also picked up John Stuart Robert's biography of Sassoon, seeing as I already have the one by Max Egremont. The edition of 'memoirs of a fox-hunting man'  was published in 1944 and 'memoirs of an infantry officer'  in 1932. I have a thing about collecting old editions, (i have a collection of Rupert Brooke's early and later works from 1920!) so you can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to own them. And the best thing was that my love for dear old Sass didn't evern phase my other half (who tried to buy them for me when I wasn't looking!)
If only i could get my hands on some very old Owen......I think if that happens I may pass out from pure happiness.
Char* xx


:D it is seriously cool to speak to someone who totally understands how obsessed I am with the war poets. Its been 3 years and its still love <3 lol. Rupert Brooke (handsome devil that he is) is also one of my faves, but Owen is my hero. If you like Rupert Brooke you would enjoy a new book by Jill Dawson called 'The Great Lover' which is a fictional account of him. Its pretty good and indulges you somewhat, seeing as he was gorgeous ;)
OMG SIGNED Sassoon?!?!!!! You are lucky indeed! I go incredibly crazy over collecting old books, i have some absolutely beautiful ones-my oldest edition is a book of Keats and his poetry printed in 1888! its beautiful! <3 and i have editions of Brooke from the 1920s.
IF you liked Regeneration have you seen the film, with Jonathan Pryce and James Wilby? Wilby is excellent as Sass <3
Char* xx
Funnily enough I kept thinking during Regeneration that Sass probably wasn't that blonde but I do think James Wilby looks a lot like him. I liked Stuart Bunce as WIlfred Owen too, though I always cry at the end, even though I know when and where Owen died-its a bit sad really but it always brings a tear to my eye. If you liked James Wilby have you seen a film called Maurice? He's in that with Rupert Graves (who is unbelievably handsome) and its an adaptation of E.M Forster. Really special, I got it a couple of years ago and its beautiful. <3
I'm glad you liked the look of Charles Sorley, he's an excellent war poet who hardly ever gets a look in these days. There was a biogrpahy published about him which I am keep to get my hands on at some point, but I have just got the new hardback Isaac Rosenberg biography which I cannot wait to read. I have so much to read at the moment, I don't know where to start! lol
Char* xx
hello :D
Wow! I would love to do one of those, I went and did the D-Day landings beach tour last year in the summer which was really interesting-especially poking my head into the german bunkers! Spooky! Seriously, they were!
I would love to trace Wilfred's journey through the trenches, I bet you had a truly fantastic experience!
Do you have a favourite war poem? its a tricky question really coz there are so many! :)
Char* xx