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Siegfried Sassoon

March 2010

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bob; sgt. martin

elendar in afoxhuntingman

smile the penny!

I though this would be a good place to post this little insight in Wilfred Owen's (more than) hero worship of Siegfried. Wilfred Owen writes to Siegfried Sassoon on 4 November, 1917;

Smile the penny! This fact [a ten-pound note, he got from Sassoon] has not intensified my feelings for you by the least - the least grame. Know that since mid-September, when you still regarded me as a tiresome little knocker on your door, I held you as Keats + Christ + Elijah + my Colonel + my father-confessor + Amenophis IV in profile.
What's that mathematically?
In effect it is this; that I love you, dispassionately, so much, so very much, dear Fellow, that the blasting little smile you wear on reading this can't hurt me in the least.
If you consider what above Names have severally done for me, you will know what you are doing. And you have fixed my Life - however short. You did not light me: I was always a mad comet; but you have fixed me. I spun around you a satellite for a month, but I shall swing out soon, a dark star in the orbit where you will blaze. It is some consolation to know that Jupiter himself sometimes swims out of Ken.


me too ;)

I seriously adore what little letters that we have between them..or at least, what we have been allowed to see.